OKK / Raum 29 >>> Die Spektakularisierung Aktivistischer Kunst / The Spectacularization of Activist Art (Research / Talk D+EN / Exhibition)

Our understanding of art is that of an plough for working the socialpolitic field in the sense of an civil and autonomous society, against reactionary tendences like racism, militarism, sexism and fascism and all their inhuman expressions!

•BB7_2012Affairs-Memory Game
(A Memory exercise about Berlin Biennale Contradictions – Exhibiton – Research)
• Die Spektakularisierung aktivistischer Kunst
(Research – Vortrag)

Pussy Riot >>> FREE PUSSY RIOT! Solidarity with imprisoned Activists (Exhibition)

Three alleged members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alekhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samucevich, charged with “hooliganism”, have been remanded in jail, facing up to 7 years criminal punishment for allegedly participating in the punk-prayer Virgin Mary, Send Putin Away that publicly demonstrated for human rights and against the current oppressive regime under Putin. The case illustrates the gross level of violations against human rights in Russia and requires immediate attention. The detained activists now need the support of the world’s community.

HAUPT STADT KULTUR FRONT >>> Beatz for Treason (Performance / Exhibition)

The Haupt Stadt Kultur Front plays Open Mike with You, U and Ya. We critically support Pussy Riot.

The (suggested) Playlist: 1. BMW Guggenheim Lager; 2. Berlin – Moskwa – Berlin (Muschiaufstand); 3. Der genioes revoltistisch-symbolistische Ikonospasmus politischer Kunst; 4. Wann dringt der Aktivismus zur Enteignung vor? 5. Geniki Apergia [Generalstreik] Bonus: Resiliency is Flexibility (…)
HSKF supports Pussy Riot

Kavecs Projects >>> The Third Position in Europe / others (Talk EN + D / Discussion / Exhibition)

The artists, and their collaborators, put to the test several forms of artistic interventionism in order to reprocess public discourse and its hegemonic “nodal points.” They impersonated authorities and misused positions of power. The artistic practice employed by Kavecsprojects is inspired by practices of “overidentification”, but tries to further blur the boundaries between incarnating a hegemonic identity and subverting it. By trying to avoid overt mockery and offer bemusing, persuasive and elaborate situations-speeches-impersonations, the kavecs artists try to test the viewer’s identifications and enhance a detailed reflection on cultural and social dogmas.

“The Black Circle: An answer to a misguided comrade.”
Action at Outlet Space (2011)
Video Installation (23 min).

The Black Circle project was conceived by Kostis Stafylakis and Vana Kostayola as a response to a series of events that took place in the aftermath of the Greek December 2008. The uprisings of December 2008 were triggered by the murder of a youngster by a police officer and soon became a massive protest against the conservative government of Kostas Karamanlis. During street fights a large number of buildings in the Athenian center were burned. The generalized uprising enhanced the rapid radicalization-politicization of parts of the Greek youth. Among the existing leftist, autonomist and anarchist groups, concentrated in the Athenian area of Exarcheia, some rather newborn, albeit preexisting, groups emerged in public space. Namely, two youth groups that belong to the ambiguous current of Autonomous Nationalism and/or National Anarchism: a “third position” synthesis of nationalism, anti-capitalism and anarchism that is now revived in different countries across Europe. One of these groups appears in public wearing white Guy Fawkes (V for Vendetta) masks. The “Black Circle” started as a simulation of an existing National Anarchist group. This strategy involved an appropriation of the aesthetic and discursive practices of these groups. The video documents a “Black Circle” speech at Outlet space (Athens).

“Threnodies: Reflections on the merchant, the geographer and the snake in Antoine de Saint Exupery´s “Little Prince.””
Video installation (11 min.)

(The rest of the video is available to everyone after contacting the artists.)

A threnody is a weeping poem-song. The Threnodies project is a critical reflection on the public discourse of the greek version of the indignados movement. The narration employs the leitmotiv of Antoine’s de Saint Exupery’s “Little Prince” and examines three figures of this famous storyline. Along with the hegemony of despair and miserabilism, a peculiar form of ethnopopulism with anti-Semitic edges prevailed. The performances include references to the nationalist discourse of the famous composer Mikis Theodorakis, references to W. Benjamin’s Critique of Violence and references to the slogan of “direct democracy”

Visit Kavecs Projects @

Datacide >>> From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Martial Industrial (Talk EN+D / Discussion)

Praxis and Datacide support the OKK and their Critical Reflections of Berlin Biennale 7 titled “2012 is the Season for Treason”. Taking place at Raum 29, Prinzenallee 29, Berlin-Wedding. Free entry. Watch out for Datacide talk this saturday based on the article “From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial”. Datacide is the magazine for noise and politics appearing since 1997. Datacide: Heterogenous theory for the invisible insurrection of a million minds.

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd >>> Art as social Glue (Talk / Exhibition / Video)

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited is a ‘not so real’ company, which is exploring the negatives of art through their exaggeration and social interactions through social networks like WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and mailings. POLARIS was “founded on 11.11.11” and is a frank attempt to research the role of Art and Culture in Gentrification Process with a focus on Berlin. The talk will draw on the theory and practice of anti-art activities in the late Capitalism. POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited: We want our Soldiers, we mean Artists, to be young and strong, with tireless energy…

DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique >>> General Strike 2012 (Exhibition)

“If the end is the taking of power by the people themselves then the means must be the revolutionary organs of the people – worker councils, community councils, communes etc. If the end is the freeing of man culturally as well socially and economically then the means exist in the destruction of “culture”. If the end is the liberation of natural man then the means must be sexual as well as social. If the end is the “totality” then the means must be “total” – all or nothing.”  Ben Morea. Black Mask No. 7, August / September 1967

On December 12th, 2011 DAMTP in a concert with DEWOU-DAMTP invited for synchronized public eating & burning of bourgeois cultural propaganda so to commemorate first crusade’s committing to cannibalism after the burning of Ma’arrat al-Numan and also for Nazi Lebensborn Project.
The action in Alytus was based on eating, devouring, munching & burning activities and further developed into hypergraphical/situgraphical experiment.

Praxis & Friends >>> Party on 04.05.2012 (Breakcore, Hard Dnb, etc). Free Entrance, drinks available. Start 20.00, open end

Praxis Records is an independent record label based in Berlin, Germany, releasing primarily harsh experimental electronic music since 1992.

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